Post 8: Nearing the End

Got  ’em! Just after our first rehearsal I have managed to land not one, but two actors for my performance. I got two because, if there is any problem, one could fill the other’s shoes. However, they both seem really interested in participating and they each have different skill sets.

I have devised a plan to both save me money and get them both involved. Instead of the lead actor painting on a canvas, he will instead paint on the body of the other actor. We have yet to work out all of the more specific details but will be meeting several time in the upcoming week to prepare for the show. The actor is really good at riffing so I think our rehearsals will be a lot of back and forth as we bounce ideas off of each other.

Equipment shouldn’t be an issue. All I need are two stands, a camera, and a light.

Props will include raw vegetables, meat and fruit. We will be presenting three short performances in which the actor shall prepare a dish.


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